Food Kits

As the economic conditions deteriorate in Lebanon, we find families all around the country being denied their minimal human rights to have access to proper nutrition. Therefore, we have proposed to concentrate on Bekaa, Mount Lebanon and Beirut to provide 700 families with 2 food kits, spread across 2 months. The ability to provide families with food for a longer period of time, creates a sense of security and reassurance which is needed more than ever



IMPACT: 700 families (2,800 beneficiaries) for 2 months


REGIONS COVERED: Beirut, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon


A nationwide organisation founded 20 years ago, Al Ghina was established to provide widows and orphans with basic necessary provisions and services central to helping these communities. With over 25,000 beneficiaries under their umbrella today, these services range from the distribution of food rations and clothing, the provision of school fees as well as medical benefits for families.

Covering communities throughout Lebanon, this predominantly women led organisation, is unique for its  volunteering initiatives, which ensure their overhead costs stay at a minimum. Community volunteers, chosen for their leadership and their knowledge of the region, play a pivotal role in identifying the most vulnerable within their district. The neighbourly aspect encourages a level of familiarity and support from a communal perspective.

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