Setting up a Social Pharmacy

Arcenciel created a pharmacy in the Jisr el wati centre with a dispensary license. The main purpose of this pharmacy is to distribute medication collected from pharmaceutical companies (near-expiry date medications), buying some of them at a discounted price or seeking individual donations. In 2019, they successfully provided 357 individuals with medication for chronic diseases. However, with the outbreak of the revolution, the number of requests has nearly tripled to reach about 1,500 people and this figure is increasing daily. The Social Pharmacy aims to provide basic generic medication on a regular basis in accordance with official medical prescriptions provided by the patient’s doctor or through the network of specialised free of charge consultations in 4 of their centers: Beirut (Jisr el wati), North (Halba), Beqaa (Taanayel) and South (Damour). The estimated cost of medication for chronic disease ranges between $30 and $100 monthly. The LIFE project will ensure regular medication for 100 people for 6 months and will pay for the salary of a full time pharmacist for one year.

Funds needed: $50,000

Impact: Providing medication for 100 patients with chronic diseases and ensuring they have access to a full-time pharmacist


Arcenciel is a Lebanon based non-profit organisation established in 1985. Its mission is to adhere to the principles of sustainable development, while emphasising the social and economic integration of marginalised people and communities back into society. Aec believes that all people, no matter the gravity of their handicap or vulnerability, are capable of overcoming their hardships and contribute to the communities in which they live. Arcenciel supports the diversity of society and encourages the sustainability and conservation of natural resources in all aspects of its work.

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