Setting-up a permaculture farm in West Beqaa

The aim of the permaculture project in West Beqaa (Ain Zebdé) is to grow our own fruits, vegetables, grains and poultry, and distribute them to our beneficiaries. We are also looking to build a kitchen onsite to produce preserves and jams, makdous and mouné. This project will allow us to feed an additional 90 families to the 350 existing families.

Our project will be respectful of the environment and will be an opportunity for many Lebanese farmers to help us produce a line of food products that will be distributed in our free supermarket. These farmers will also be attending sessions in our “kitchen atelier” that will help create a circular economy between these producers and our families.

Funds needed: $50,000

Impact: Improving the self-sustaining activities by growing their own produce to feed 440 families per year


Beit el Baraka’s mission is to ensure a sense of dignity to hard-working citizens once they retire, by assisting them in their daily struggle due to the increasing cost of living. With the help of our team of volunteers, we provide assistance to hundreds of Lebanese families in need. We aim to address inequality and exclusion of retired men and women, once called the “middle class”, past the age of 64. Beit el Baraka currently supports 350 families and provides:

1- Access to a free supermarket: Everyday, and with prepaid coupons, our enrolled family members come to select food and hygiene products.

2- Rehabilitation of homes: Repairs include sanitary requirements, heating, waterproofing and mildew removal thanks to the help of volunteer architects and entrepreneurs. We also settle unpaid bills and rent.

3- Medical assistance: Beit el Baraka has agreements with 5 private hospitals and dispensaries who treat our members, as well as 6 volunteer doctors who offer our members free consultations, including dental.

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