Creating a blood collection unit in the North

The initial project presented by DSC and the expansion of their independent mobile units to Tripoli aiming to collect 4,000 additional blood units per year had to be postponed given the restrictions imposed in Lebanon due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The funds collected will be allocated to cover DSC’s operational costs, ensuring all blood collections follow the necessary health measures to avoid the further spread of the virus and providing wages to its staff composed of 11 employees.

During these difficult circumstances patients are still in need of blood donations and the DSC team is working continuously to ensure the collection of blood units.

Funds needed: $25,000

Impact: Collecting 4,000 additional blood units per year and impacting up to 12,000 lives


DSC is a Lebanese NGO promoting voluntary non-remunerated blood donations to help solve the blood replacement problem in Lebanon. 

DSC’s mission is to provide blood for patients in need through a centralized database of donors, and through frequent blood donation campaigns conducted with blood banks. 

Through its database of 25,000+ registered donors, DSC’s call centre provides support to fulfil incoming urgent blood demands from patients and has secured over 40,000 units so far. DSC has a partnership with 42 blood banks and aims to increase their blood stock levels by proactively conducting blood drives across the country.

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