This fund has been launched to help families living under the poverty line, where over 35% of Lebanon’s population resides to date.

The situation deteriorated further with the lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where many families who depend on a daily income have found themselves struggling to afford basic necessities like food and medicine.


3QA and LIFE have mobilized their efforts to raise money for carefully selected projects that will alleviate this pressure on these households.

The money raised will go to 8 organisations, including grassroots and established nonprofits, to provide food kits, food coupons and basic medicine to a fragment of the population living under the poverty line today.


This phase introduced a level of leniency in the selection criteria and due-diligence of the organisations, as the priority was to support local grassroot initiatives that have a wide community reach versus national organisations that are based in Beirut. We have maintained the criteria of independent organisations that are apolitical and a religious ensuring that all the organisations cover the diverse communities across Lebanon’s most vulnerable villages and towns.

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