Building an in-house professional kitchen

IRAP’s sales of in-house food production and craft that usually represent 41% of its income took a hit given the current spread of COVID-19 in Lebanon and the restrictions that accompany it.

The funds intended for building an in-house professional kitchen that would ensure IRAP’s self-sustainability will be allocated to cover its operational costs. This would allow IRAP to continue serving its beneficiaries and to provide wages to 85 employees, 50% of which have special needs.

Funds needed: $50,000

Impact: Increasing the self-sustaining revenue streams in order to continue to support 120 children annually


IRAP’s mission is the education, rehabilitation and development of deaf children, young people and those with learning difficulties, aiming for their social, cultural and professional integration.

More than 900 children have benefited from IRAP’s services. The in-house production of food and craft products (“Les Ateliers”) where deaf young and adults are employed, is at the centre of IRAP’s goal of self-sustainability with more than 150 employees.

IRAP also supports the development of vulnerable communities of 180 families in the south and in the Metn region through the provision of work opportunities, food, clothes and medical care.


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