Rehabilitate buildings and community spaces on 6 streets: 3 in Karantina and 3 in Mar Mikhael. Rehabilitation  work covered by BEF is 17 buildings comprising 170 homes and 15 SMEs
Funding: up to $1 million

Beit el Baraka

Rehabilitate 10 buildings (including 129 homes and 29 SMEs). Rehabilitation includes interior and exterior work.
Funding: $650,000

Maan Fi Al Mihan Association (Aka Solidarity Lebanon)

Rehabilitate about 300 homes
Funding: $500,000


Rehabilitate houses in Zones 34 & 35, 61 residential+8 shops, including fixing facades of 5 buildings in zone 34 and burj Hammoud 184 residential + 58 shops
Funding: $300,000

Baytna Baytak

Rehabilitate 176 homes
Funding: $300,000

House of Christmas (Together Libeirut)

Rehabilitation, machinery, capacity building and legal support to 60 micro businesses in Gemayze, Mar Mkhayel and Bourj Hammoud
Funding: $300,000

Lebanese Food Bank

Buying home appliances
Funding: $225,000* (local money)

Arcenciel/Melanie Freiha Foundation

Supplying 247 homes with 346 home appliances
Funding: $217,000* (local money)

Rene Moawad Foundation

Rehabilitate 27 homes, 1 high and the rest medium to light damages
Funding: $50,000

SOS Villages

A building owned by SOS Villages in Achrafieh was damaged by the blast. This building is rented and is a source of income for SOS, used to fund children expenses at various villages.
Funding: $15,000


Hopital St. Georges

ICU and PICU wards: savings of 50% on the original budget allowed the rehabilitation of both units
Funding: $1.2 million

Hopital Libanais Geitaoui

13-14 Elevators ($192,207), Fire-rated doors ($30,125), Aluminum and glass for old and new building $169,000, rest to be paid by the hospital in local money
Funding: $400,000

Lebanon Needs

Rehabilitate 4 Primary Healthcare Centers ($29,517), rehabilitate Saint Marks Lab and fix MRI machine
($58,432), build a community healthcare worker task force ($60,215) and a home care task force ($49,972)
Funding: $200,190


3 months’ supply for 925 beneficiaries: protective sheets, adult diapers, urinary bags and catheters, colostomy/urostomy equipment + 3 people to manage and distribute equipment.
Funding: $102,000 (partially in local dollars)

Hotel-Dieu De France

Repair damages due to the blast
Funding: 100,000$

Lebanese Red Cross

General Crisis Response Effort
Funding: 100,000$

Assameh birth & beyond – Karantina Hospital

Fetoscope machine and Endoscopy machine repairs
Funding: 100,000$



Provide mental health support to 300 children and their families (3,000 free consultations) for a period of 12 months. Also rehabilitate the center premises
Funding: $125,000

Happy Childhood Foundation

Provide additional mental health support to 200 children and their families affected by the blast
Funding: $80,000

Cenacle de la Lumiere (CDLL)

-Mental Health treatment for 250 patients
-Psychological first aid training to frontline workers for 150 (Access to training sessions) 1,500 (Access to First aid Kit)
-Awareness building to Parents on youth mental health and well being for 600 Parents (Access to awareness bldg. sessions), 18,000 Parents (Access to practical manual on Youth well-being)
-Capacity building to teachers on youth mental health and well-being for 150 teachers (Access to capacity bldg. sessions), 1,000 teachers (Access to Youth Mental Health Kit)
Funding: $67,500


Provide mental health support to 75 children and 120 caregivers. Also distribute baby food kits to 40 families and disposable diapers to 80 babies
Funding: $53,800


Additional staff and equipment to expand hours of operation by 3 hours thus allowing increased mental health support
Funding: $26,300

Rifaq Al Darb

Food items to prepare daily meals to feed 400 families for 1.5 months and daily diaper needs for 70 elderlies and 70 babies for a month. 38% of food items purchased from seal beneficiaries
Funding: $7,585
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