Food Kits

Spread across Tripoli and Miniyeh Danniyeh, we hope to provide food vouchers to over 600 families for 1 month. Considering the current global pandemic, food kits have proven difficult to deliver within certain regions of the country, hence the push for food vouchers that families can then take to their local stores to exchange against the necessary goods. Sanabel El Nour will be monitoring how these food vouchers are used, to ensure that the goods exchanged with the vouchers are solely used to provide nutrition and basic needs to the families. In addition, Tripoli based families, will receive a distribution of 3 loafs of bread on a daily basis.




IMPACT: 600 families (3,000 beneficiaries) for 1 month


REGIONS COVERED: Tripoli, Miniyeh Danniyeh


One of the largest NGOs in Tripoli, Sanabel El Nour, has provided basic needs to those that are most vulnerable in the region for over 15 years. Run by a group of Lebanese women, the organisation currently has 35 employees and 8 programmes spread across education, food security, health, home renovations and the elderly. Some of these initiatives include providing educational programmes to children, taking care of orphans and delivering support to people with special needs and families living below the poverty line. With the volunteers coming from an array of backgrounds, from medicine, to engineering and education, this is a holistic, 360 degree not-for-profit that continues to serve the community and the 5000 families under their wing.

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